Park Geun Hye’s Immediate Resignation Demanded by S. Korean Religious Organizations

Pyongyang, December 10 (KCNA) — The south Korean Roman Catholic Church and other religious organizations issued statements reflecting their stands on Park Geun Hye’s resignation on December 7, according to a report.

The statements said that the “president” should not put off days with despicable partisan calculation if she wants to be sincere to the voice of the people demanding her resignation.
The Emergency Situation Measure Council of the south Korean Council of Christian Churches held a press conference in Seoul on the same day and released a declaration on the situation of 11 584 Christians.
The declaration said that if Park Geun Hye has even a bit shred of conscience and responsibility, she should immediately resign true to the will of the people, not resorting to the political wiles.
The “constitutional court” should follow the will of the people by immediately deciding upon her resignation.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/taver/15119262330/

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