Rodong Sinmun Terms U.S. World’s Worst Human Rights Abuser

Pyongyang, December 10 (KCNA) — Words human rights do not fit the U.S. as its administration and its followers are the worst human rights abusers finding fault with others while styling themselves “human rights champion”, says Rodong Sinmun Saturday in a commentary.

The U.S. is unilaterally imposing its own unreasonable “human rights standards” upon other countries and nations while noisily talking about “human rights”. This is aimed to make Western view on value and lifestyle prevail in all countries and westernize the whole world, the commentary notes, adding: Herein lies the reactionary nature of the “human rights” rhetoric let out by the U.S.
The commentary cites facts to prove that U.S. is using “human rights” as a signboard for violating the sovereignty of other countries and nations and it is a stark fact that its “human rights” rhetoric is always accompanied by armed intervention and serious human rights abuses.
It is the U.S. that has infringed upon the sovereignty of other countries and nations and violated their elementary rights to existence, the commentary says, and goes on:
The U.S. trumpets about “human rights” more loudly than others, an insult and mockery of genuine human rights.
No matter how desperately the U.S. may try to cover up its aggression, intervention and human rights abuses under the signboard of “protection of human rights,” it only glaringly reveals its criminal nature.
With no rhetoric can the U.S. justify or cover up the reactionary, deceptive and aggressive nature of its “human rights” propaganda.

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