Chongwadae’s Inspection of Ministry of Justice Disclosed

Pyongyang, December 17 (KCNA) — Chongwadae’s inspection of the Ministry of Justice was disclosed, according to CBS of south Korea on Dec. 15.

The former manager of Segye Ilbo at a “National Assembly” hearing that day said he had a document which said Chongwadae inspected the president of the Supreme Court, the broadcasting service noted.
It is something shocking that the Park Geun Hye regime kept track of the president of the Supreme Court just as the Lee Myung Bak regime did the then president of the Supreme Court and civilians.
This is nothing but a violation of “constitution” aimed to exercise influence on court judgments, it deplored.
It demanded that not only the NA but the special investigation make a thorough-going probe into the suspicious inspection.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/26781577@N07/14722053397/

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