S. Korean Regime Slammed for Cooking up Spy Case

Pyongyang, December 19 (KCNA) — The Association for Supporting Prisoners of Conscience under the Family Movement for Realizing Democracy in south Korea sponsored a Thursday meeting at Thapgol Park in Seoul on Dec. 15, in denunciation of the puppet regime’s plotting a spy case, according to an online newspaper Jaju Sibo.

At the meeting, Kwon O Hon, honorary chairman of the Association, noted that the Seoul Central District Court on the same day sentenced a four- year-prison term on priest Kim Song Yun, claiming he manipulated the November 14 all-out people’s action last year on someone’s “order”.
He contended that, if the regime ensures such basic human rights as freedom of political belief, it will have to release Kim Song Un at once and instead take Park Geun Hye into custody.
Kim’s wife said that the Intelligence Service and the police cracked down on her husband, linking him to the north, for fear that the religious movement may develop on to a new level along with citizens’ actions for peace.
She denounced this crackdown as a clear act of framing up a spy case.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bumix2000/4907714688/

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