KCNA Commentary Ridicules Hysteric Actions of S. Korean Military

Pyongyang, December 20 (KCNA) — The south Korean warmongers are going ever more crazy with arms build-up in a bid to escalate confrontation with the compatriots in the north.

The south Korean puppet military purchased German-made air-to-ground missile Taurus while talking about the “precision attack on Pyongyang” in the wake of introduction of a U.S. nuclear submarine.
They are nothing but hysteric actions to get rid of extreme uneasiness caused by the ruinous situation at home and the reckless confrontation racket to seek a way out in escalating the tension.
The candlelight actions to judge Park Geun Hye now sweeping across south Korea are getting fiercer day by day to make a clean sweep of all traitors engrossed in sycophancy and acts of treachery, confrontation with compatriots and unpopular rule.
The south Korean military is seized with uneasiness and fear, foreseeing the tragic end of Park Geun Hye more dead than alive.
The puppet warmongers took the lead in selling off the nation’s interests as evidenced by their acts of pushing the inter-Korean relations to the worst confrontational phase and leaving OPECON to the tender mercy of outside forces for an indefinite period at the instructions of Park, marionette of a shaman.
Much upset by the angered public pushing the Park group to the court of history hour by hour, the puppet military is working hard to seek a way out in escalating the tension at the instigation of its master.
Even in the grip of the worst crisis caused by the hideous scandal, the puppet military rapidly concluded an agreement on protecting military intelligence with Japan, the sworn enemy, and is working hard to conclude an agreement on logistic support with Japan.
Despite strong opposition to the THAAD deployment at home and abroad and the serious consequences to be entailed by it, the warmongers announced that they would complete it before May next year as demanded by their American master.
Meanwhile, they are staging ceaseless anti-DPRK war drills aimed at deliberately creating “security crisis” and “security unrest” in a bid to divert the public criticism elsewhere.
No sooner had the motion on impeachment of Park passed through the “National Assembly” than brass hats of the puppet military appeared at forefront units every day to make such war drumbeats as “strong and resolute counteraction” against the DPRK’s “surprise provocation”.
They held one war confab after another to cry out for “establishing mental and physical readiness” and beg the U.S. to “provide increased force for monitoring the north’s moves” allegedly to cope with its “possible provocation.”
At a time when its U.S. master is unable to sleep in peace for fear of the DPRK’s powerful nuclear deterrent, the puppet military is getting frantic with the moves to escalate the tension and ignite a war. This reminds one of desperate wriggling of tiger moths before perishing in flames.
The warmongers would be well advised to ponder over their miserable end.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fljckr/1027209522/

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