Pro-U.S. Conservative Regime Bound to Collapse: Rodong Sinmun

Pyongyang, December 23 (KCNA) — Many resistance movements took place in south Korea for several decades in the past against the fascist dictators but never have millions of people turned out in their stubborn actions with candlelight in their hands irrespective of region, age, progressive or conservative tendency, class and strata as now, throwing the conservative ruling forces into a predicament, says Rodong Sinmun Friday in a commentary.

It goes on:
This being a hard reality, traitor Park Geun Hye, confining herself in Chongwadae, is turning a deaf ear to the shouts of the people from all walks of life demanding she step down, and making desperate efforts to prolong her dirty remaining days.
Her fate is as clear as noonday from the viewpoint of the nature of the present situation and its causes.
There is no way out for those going against the voices of the people. Whoever goes reckless while prioritizing the partisan ambition and self-interest is bound to go to the grave of history together with the Park Geun Hye group.
The candlelight revolution dealt telling blows to the Park regime which has committed thrice-cursed crimes while engrossing in acts of treachery and unpopular rule. It will record a new chapter in the movement for radically transforming the south Korean politics.
This is an undeniable necessity of history.
What the people support and follow is justice and victory.
Those going against the people’s mindset and trampling down it are fated to meet a doom.
This is the immutable truth and solemn lesson left in history by the year 2016 crowded with lots of significant events.

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