Second-day Meeting of First Conference of Chairpersons of Primary Committees of WPK Held under Guidance of Kim Jong Un

Pyongyang, December 25 (KCNA) — There took place the second-day meeting of the First Conference of Chairpersons of the Primary Committees of the Workers’ Party of Korea on Saturday.

The meeting continued under the guidance of Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea.
Chairpersons of primary party committees of units at various levels made speeches on the precious successes, experience and lessons drawn in the party work of their units.
Speakers analyzed and reviewed the successes and experience gained in consolidating the primary party committees, the basic organizations of the Party, as strong militant ranks equipped with the firm faith and indomitable offensive-oriented spirit of devotedly defending the leader and implementing the Party’s policies to the letter and the revolutionary outposts adjoining the yard of the Party Central Committee.
They said that the primary party organizations aroused the masses to the heroic struggle to create the new Korean speed, the Mallima speed, regarding the implementation of the last instructions of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il as the key point of the party work and enhancing the vanguard role of the party members in the building of a powerful socialist country.
They pointed out that they have firmly consolidated the primary party organizations of their units as loyal militant ranks armed with the spirit of devotedly defending the leader and implementing the Party’s policies to the letter with transparent revolutionary outlook on the leader.
They recalled that they have led the producer masses through practical examples, providing on-site guidance and dynamically conducting on-site political work as frontline-style one the way the commanding officers of the People’s Army do and thus performed new miracles and feats in the general offensive.
Hearing the speeches, the participants of the conference once again deeply grasped the real meaning of the instructions of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un that the examples set by officials are more powerful political work than hundreds of words and that it is necessary to convert the Party work into the on-site political work and work to motivate people.
At the conference an in-depth analysis was made of deviations and shortcomings manifested at some units at present where the work of primary party committees failed to reflect the Party’s intention and meet the requirements of the developing revolution, and strong criticism was made of them. The conference discussed ways to draw lessons from the shortcomings and thoroughly rectify them.
Criticism was also made of officials for their shortcomings reflected in perfunctorily implementing the Party’s decision, not giving priority to the work for firmly arming themselves with the Party’s line and policies.
There was criticism of failing to conduct the drive for implementing the Party’s line and policies in a do-or-die spirit and of failing to meticulously organize the party life among officials and other party members and guide it to suit the characteristic features of relevant units.
In the light of self-criticisms and criticisms measures were taken to firmly build up the primary committees of the whole party into the militant units with strong organizational and executive capabilities and bring about a revolutionary turn in the ideological viewpoint and work traits and style of the chairpersons of the primary party committees.
Speakers evinced their resolutions to firmly consolidate the primary party organizations as outposts for devotedly defending the leader and carrying out the Party’s policies to the letter by creditably fulfilling their responsibility and role as direct organizers, information officials and implementers in executing the Party’s policies.
The conference goes on.

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