Victory of Korean-style Socialism Is Science: Rodong Sinmun and Kulloja

Pyongyang, March 25 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun and Kulloja in a joint article say that socialism in the DPRK remains ever-victorious as it has tremendous might on the firm scientific basis, holding the peerlessly great men in high esteem.

The article goes on:
It is the necessity, science and truth of history that Korean-style socialism is sure to triumph.
Korean-style socialism is the one centered on the popular masses which embodies the Juche-oriented outlook on the people and people’s philosophy.
The best weapon guaranteeing the solidity, advantages and invincibility of socialism is the single-minded unity of the Party and revolutionary ranks.
The tremendous military power and self-development with single-minded unity and nuclear armed force as their pivot are the three mainstays for protecting socialism.
The great Party’s leadership is a decisive factor of guaranteeing the victory of Korean-style socialism.
The scientific accuracy, truth and invincibility of Korean-style socialism are demonstrated on the highest level as the army and people have respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un at the helm of the Workers’ Party of Korea.
Under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Un, our Party has fully demonstrated its might as the general staff of the Korean revolution and the militancy of the revolutionary ranks has remarkably grown stronger.
Korean-style socialism is giving full play to its advantages and vitality on the scientific basis and displaying its tremendous might thanks to the great politics of our Party which prioritizes, respects and loves the people.
Steadfast is the faith of the Korean people in the victory of Korean-style socialism.
There may be power capable of breaking the earth, but no force on the earth which can shake the faith of Juche-oriented socialism firmly etched in the minds of all service personnel and people.
Unshakable are the faith and will of the Korean people to firmly protect the collective life and the true nature of socialism consolidated and developed while living in the large family of socialism generation after generation.
Korean-style socialism centered on the popular masses is invincible as long as there are the great idea, the leadership of the great party and the great people who regard socialism as their life and soul.

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