Minju Joson Slams S. Korean Regime’s Sycophancy towards U.S.

Pyongyang, March 29 (KCNA) — The south Korean puppet group are vociferating about “success” allegedly made through the recent south Korean junket of U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson.

Commenting on this, Minju Joson Wednesday observes:
It was nothing but the mean diplomacy conducted by human scum and poor servants of the U.S. as they regard sycophancy towards the U.S., confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north and begging and submission as their unique mode of existence.
The south Korean puppet group implored Tillerson to “boost alliance” and “ratchet up pressure on the north.” This was a revelation of the sinister intention to hurt the fellow countrymen with the backing of outside forces and prolong their remaining days at the door of death.
“Closer alliance” with the U.S. touted by the south Korean puppet group would only bring the irrevocable consequences of imposing a nuclear disaster upon the Korean nation as it is, in essence, alliance between the master and servant, humiliating alliance for a war.
“Pressure on the north” and “strong will for counteraction” about which they talked a great deal were foolish outbursts let out by the confrontation maniacs to cover up the thrice-cursed crimes they committed by driving the north-south relations into a total collapse and stifle the north at any cost.
The south Korean people can never escape disgrace and insult and the Korean nation can never be free from the danger of a nuclear war as long as the pro-U.S. lackeys and sycophants are allowed to be at large.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mononukleoza/5338739345/

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