Central Surveying Corps in DPRK

Pyongyang, March 31 (KCNA) — The Central Surveying Corps under the Ministry of National Natural Resources Development is a powerful base of surveying and mapping in the DPRK.

The corps was organized on April 1, Juche 51 (1962) on the initiative of President Kim Il Sung. Over the past 55 years, it has played a decisive role in surveying various economic sectors and major construction projects and mapping out land development.
Choe Yong Chon, chief engineer of the corps, told KCNA:
Under the guidance of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the corps has developed into an excellent surveying and mapping base equipped with modern facilities.
It has successfully carried out the survey and measuring of the whole country, including site survey for mining areas, measuring for prospect and mining design of the Musan area, survey of trees bearing slogans and survey for the construction of Ryongmun Cavern.
Last year it finished the leveling work for the construction of the Tanchon Power Station in a short span of time, thus rendering services to its design.
And it mapped out a master plan for the development of national hydraulic resources and solid maps of projects in various sectors for the first time.
It completed a comprehensive and unified survey base network on a nationwide scale and a topographic map on a scale of 1 to 10,000, thus providing a foundation of making a prompt and correct survey of any project in various economic sectors and contributing to hastening the development of underground resources and the national economic development.
It has made surveying instruments and established methods of making optical system of surveying equipment and micrometer system.
Meanwhile, it also made tens of equipment and 50 technical outfits including lens grinding and paper-producing equipment.
The Central Surveying Corps is now directing efforts to putting the surveying and mapping on an ultra-modern basis.

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