KSDP Sends Appeal to Parties, Organizations and Personages of S. Korea

Pyongyang, March 31 (KCNA) — The Central Committee of the Korean Social Democratic Party Friday sent an appeal to the political parties, organizations and personages of different social standings in south Korea.

The situation remains so tense on the Korean peninsula due to the reckless nuclear war drills being staged by the U.S. and south Korean military gangsters that a nuclear war may break out any moment, the appeal said, and went on:
Different forms of war drills for aggression on the north were staged in south Korea every year but never there has been such worst saber-rattling in its nature, goal and scale as the on-going war rehearsals.
The reality goes to prove that the moves of the U.S. imperialists for a nuclear war have gone beyond the critical phase.
All Koreans should turn out in the struggle to resolutely check the reckless nuclear war drills of the U.S. and south Korean warmongers.
It is the stand of our Social Democratic Party that to prevent a war and protect peace is the way for defending the life of the fellow countrymen and safety of the nation.
All the parties and people from all walks of life in south Korea should rise up in the anti-U.S., anti-war struggle for peace, clearly seeing through the nature of the U.S., the chieftain of aggression and disturber of peace.
It is the urgent demand for preventing a war and protecting peace to wipe out the traitors bringing a nuclear war disaster while serving the U.S. in disregard of the destiny and interests of the nation.
All the south Korean people should dynamically turn out in the actions to make a clean sweep of the elements keen on confrontation with the fellow countrymen and war maniacs, holding higher the candlelight of justice which severely punished the worst sycophant and traitor Park Geun Hye.
The KSDP is convinced that political parties, organizations and people of different social standings in south Korea who love justice and peace will courageously turn out in the sacred struggle for peace against war and independent reunification in hearty response to our patriotic call.

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