Rodong Sinmun Discloses Aggressive Nature of Japan

Pyongyang, April 5 (KCNA) — Days ago, the chief executive of Japan and the defense study group of the Liberal Democratic Party deliberated the military policy including the issue of capability for preemptive attack.

Experts of the International Affairs Institute of Japan claimed that the “Self-Defense Forces” (SDF) should now possess the military capability of a normal state beyond the nature for self-defense. Some media of Japan, taking issue with the surrounding situation, spread the opinion calling for Japan’s possession of reasonable weapons and bolstering up its military power.
This shows that Japan chose it as its policy to have its own capability for preemptive attack and conduct a war of aggression, Rodong Sinmun Wednesday says in a commentary.
It goes on:
Japan has emerged as an aggression force threatening the peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region.
After the appearance of the present Japanese ruling quarters, Japan is openly pushing ahead with the moves to turn it into a military power. The operation capability of the SDF has radically increased on the ground, sea and in the sky, cyber and other spheres and its arms and equipment are being rapidly modernized into the offensive ones.
It is the wild ambition of the present Japanese authorities to make the SDF the world-level elite forces and turn Japan into a militarist state for aggression which is able to conduct a war without dependence on the U.S.
Japan’s ambition for reinvasion is going beyond the red-line.
The Japanese reactionaries are mulling implementing their long-cherished ambition for reinvasion by spreading the story of “nuclear and missile threats from the DPRK”. They are noisily vociferating about the story of “nuclear and missile threats from the DPRK” to cover up the moves to bolster up the capability for preemptive strike with flowery words of “self-defence” and “guaranteeing security”.
The Japanese reactionaries should clearly understand that their tricky attempt at preemptive attack will drive Japan into the labyrinth of destruction.
Japan’s bid to turn it into a military giant and moves for reinvasion are as foolish as digging one’s own grave.

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