Chinese Praises Kim Il Sung as Supreme Incarnation of Moral Obligation

Pyongyang, April 12 (KCNA) — There would be no such leader in the world as President Kim Il Sung, supreme incarnation of noble revolutionary moral obligation who took warm care of even the children of his comrades-in-arms.

Zhang Jinquan, son of Zhang Weihua, a Chinese related to the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, on a visit to the DPRK on the occasion of the Day of the Sun, the birth anniversary of Kim Il Sung, said this when interviewed by KCNA on Wednesday.
He said that the President was not only the tender-hearted father of the Korean people but also benefactor of his family.
He went on:
The President led my father along the road of the anti-Japanese revolution and made his life shine forever.
Thanks to his internationalist moral obligation and human love my father is remembered by all the Korean people still now.
There are many tales on comradeship and moral obligation in the world but there is no precedent that the head of a state saw to it that a monument was erected for an ordinary comrade-in-arms of a foreign country.
The President always recollected my father who dedicated his life to the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle and showed us warm paternal love which our father failed to do in his lifetime.
I can hardly find proper words to express the profound care the President showed for us by glorifying the life of my father and granting the greatest privilege to us by receiving us several times in one year.

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