KCNA Commentary Flails S. Korean Conservatives’ Attempt to Build up Public Opinion Sympathetic with Park

Pyongyang, April 12 (KCNA) — The group of conservatives in south Korea has now gone clumsy in the scheme to elicit sympathy with Park Geun Hye now in detention.

Chongwadae, the Liberal Korea Party, the Association of Love for Park Geun Hye and other conservative riff-raffs described Park’s detention as “too harsh”, claiming “It’s time to pardon her and it is not good to see woman shed tears after her ouster from Chongwadae”.
In the meantime, the pro-Park group including the “movement headquarters for people’s resistance for nullification of the president’s impeachment” has worked hard to rally conservatives while calling for “defending Park Geun Hye” and “punishing those who pushed the country to such an edge”.
The crocodile tears being shed by the conservatives, while deploring the plight of Park are an insult and challenge to the bitter tears shed by the south Koreans who have wriggled in misfortune and pain for the past four years under Park’s harsh misrule.
This is nothing but a cynical ploy to galvanize public sympathy with Park, prolong their deplorable fate sealed along with the one of Park and use it as a catalyst for rallying the conservative forces.
Park has been put in detention after earning an ill-fame as the first dismissed ex-president in history, a deserved fate meted out to the dragon lady who committed unprecedented crimes.
Not tears but blood has been gathered in the eyes of the bereaved families for the past 1073 days since they lost their children in the ferry Sewol tragedy.
Insulting the bereaved families’ protest as the one aimed at “getting more money”, Park and the puppet conservative group painted them as “dishonest forces” and “political agitators”.
Leaving Chongwadae, demon-like Park said “truth will be probed,” challenging the public demand for impeachment. It is the south Korean public mindset that dismembering her would not be enough to have the grudge of the victims settled.
However, the accomplices of Park have gone foolish in their bid to set up the second Park Geun Hye regime by rallying the remaining conservatives by building up the public opinion sympathetic with Park.
The despicable true nature of the conservative group, which turned south Korean society into a theatre of rowdyism dominated by injustice in alignment with traitor Park, can never be covered up.
The south Koreans should not be taken in by the crocodile tears of the demon but resolutely check and foil the conservative forces’ moves for rallying themselves again.

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