Collection of Memoirs “Among the People” Vol. 106 Published

Pyongyang, April 13 (KCNA) — Collection of memoirs “Among the People” Vol. 106 was brought out by the Workers’ Party of Korea Publishing House.

It contains 19 memoirs telling about the feats and popular personality of President Kim Il Sung.
Memoir “Ardent wish reflected in the Poem Dedicated to ‘Ode to Shining Star'” deals with the personality of Kim Il Sung as a great man. He personally wrote the ode, convinced of the future when the country will immensely prosper under the leadership of Kim Jong Il praised by all peoples.
Another memoir tells about the personality of the President as a simple and modest man.
There are memoirs dealing with the wise leadership and great benevolence of Kim Il Sung who made tireless efforts for the economic development of the country and improvement of the standard of people’s living.
The book also contains memoirs telling about the profound loving care shown by the President for the soldiers and young people, bringing hope and future and blessings to them and leading them in every aspect of their work.
There are memoirs dealing with touching stories about the President. He took deep care of sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs and trained them to be able officials of the country. There are stories about how the President projected an ordinary artist as a man of talent loved by the country and the people and visited an ordinary family which moved to a new house to look after every aspect of its life.

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