Art Performance in Tokyo Marks Birth Anniversary of Kim Il Sung

Pyongyang, April 19 (KCNA) — A concert was given by the artistes of the Kumgang-san Opera Troupe at the Korean Hall of Culture in Tokyo on April 15, the 105th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.

Leading and other officials of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon), compatriots, teaching staff and students of the Korean University watched it.
At the concert, which started with chorus and dance “The Nation of the Sun Is the Best”, a male soloist sang the masterpiece “Green Pine on Nam Hill” to truthfully represent the strong spirit of the DPRK to win the final victory.
Female solo “We Sing of Our Homeland” and male solo “Tell, O Mt Kumgang” represented the warm loving care shown by the President for Koreans in Japan and their reverence for him.
Watching mixed chorus “Look at Us” and other numbers, the audience renewed their national pride of holding respected Marshal Kim Jong Un in high esteem as the supreme leader of the Juche cause.
Also put on the stage were such numbers as male solo “We Will Go to Mt Paektu” and chorus “Chongryon, Forward Following Marshal.”

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sheridansofasia/6044332726/

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