Press Release of North Preparatory Committee for Pan-Korean Conference

Pyongyang, April 21 (KCNA) — The North-side Preparatory Committee for the Pan-National Conference for Peace and Reunification of the Country and Development of North-South Relations Friday made public the following press release:

The second working meeting of the north, south and overseas sides for pan-Korean conference for peace and reunification of the country and development of the north-south relations was held in Shenyang of China on April 11 and 12.
Attending it were executive members of the north, south and overseas preparatory committees for pan-national conference.
The meeting informed of activities conducted by the north, south and overseas side preparatory committees since the working meeting early in February and discussed the working issues arising in the preparation for the pan-national conference and the immediate action program.
Its participants confirmed again that the pan-national conference should become a grand gathering involving representatives from all walks of life including the authorities and vowed to realize the pan-national conference without fail within this year.
For the present, the north, south and overseas sides agreed to jointly celebrate the 17th publication anniversary of the June 15 Joint Declaration and hold the third working meeting of the three sides for pan-national conference on this occasion.
During the period of the meeting, there took place working contacts among representative of various strata including workers, farmers and women in the north and the south.
It was agreed at the contacts to promote such joint events as meeting of representatives of organizations of workers and farmers between the north and the south, their meeting and football match between the workers of the north and the south in the period of celebrating the publication anniversaries of the north-south declarations from June 15 to October 4.

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