Kim Jong Un’s Congratulatory Message to Miners of Komdok Mining Complex

Pyongyang, April 22 (KCNA) — Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un on Friday sent a message of congratulations to members of the Ko Kyong Chan-led Hero Workteam of the April 5 Pit at the Kumgol Mine under the Komdok Mining Complex who have carried out their national economic plan for this year ahead of schedule to mark the meaningful Day of the Sun.

The following is the full text of the message:
I extend warm congratulations and greetings to you, 15 members of the Ko Kyong Chan-led Hero Workteam of the April 5 Pit at the Kumgol Mine under the Komdok Mining Complex, who achieved an astonishing, miraculous success of overfulfilling the yearly plan of ore production by 1.5 percent on the occasion of the auspicious, greatest national holiday, the Day of the Sun, by giving full play to the dauntless spirit and fortitude of the Korean working class unfailingly faithful to the Party and the revolution.
You, as befits heroic workers of the Kumgol Mine who grew up enjoying the great trust and affection of the great Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, waged a brave, vigorous campaign for increased production to attain the goal of ore output ahead of schedule on the occasions of the meaningful Day of the Shining Star, Day of the Sun and anniversary of General Kim Jong Il’s on-site guidance, in answer to the militant appeal of the Party to all the people to launch a general offensive with the aim of setting up a milestone in building a socialist economic giant in this year that is of key importance in carrying out the five-year strategy for national economic development.
You put up in the 800m-deep pit a board showing the goal of your campaign you pledged before the Party to achieve, and struggled perseveringly to make collective innovations with an eye to the bright future of the best country in the world. This is clear testimony to the indomitable spirit and invincible might of the heroic working class of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il who, convinced of their strength of self-reliance and self-development, are advancing at the Mallima speed in the face of the ever-more vicious schemes by imperialist reactionaries.
Our Party drew great strength and courage from the report on the outstanding feats performed by your workteam that is valiantly charging forward against all odds at an outpost for building an economic giant.
As our heroic working class, the hardcore force of the Juche revolution and the eldest sons of the nation, have achieved unity based on the Party’s revolutionary idea of unyielding offensive and revolutionary comradeship and as they are scoring a number of successes one after another on the strength of science and technology and through strenuous competitions, tougher threats and barbarous sanctions by the brigandish hostile forces have proved ineffective and the world-startling, grand Mallima march is speeding up.
I highly appreciate the workteam members who, cherishing their affectionate feelings for the great General as their life and soul and with their hearts pulsating to the same beat as the Party Central Committee, created a new legendary tale in the era of Mallima; I also extend thanks to their families and officials of the mine for sincerely supporting them in their efforts for increased production, creation and shock campaign.
What our Party believes in is not any mysterious divine power but the spiritual strength of our great people who support their Party and leader with crystal-clear, single-hearted loyalty, and it is stepping up the building of a powerful socialist country by relying on the revolutionary spirit and creative strength of our working class who are the best in the world.
The workteam members should advance vigorously at the forefront of the all-people drive for the Conference of Mallima Pioneers by making redoubled, continuous efforts, and all the pits and other workteams at the Kumgol Mine should take their cue from the experience of the Hero Workteam and stoke the flames of greater collective innovations. In this way, they can exalt the brilliance of the tradition of loyalty of the workers in Komdok.
I wish that members of the Ko Kyong Chan-led Hero Workteam of the April 5 Pit at the Kumgol Mine under the Komdok Mining Complex and all other workers of the mine would gain the honour of being Mallima riders, Mallima pioneers, by fully demonstrating mass heroism in good health in the worthwhile general onward march for scaling the peak of socialism true to the grandiose blueprint advanced at the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

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