Peerlessly Great Men and Internationalist Moral Obligation

Pyongyang, April 22 (KCNA) — “President Kim Il Sung was not only the benevolent father of the Korean people but a benefactor to my family and it is my wish to pay the highest respect to him on behalf of my family.” This is the word made by Chinese Zhang Jin-quan who visited the DPRK on the occasion of the Day of the Sun, the 105th birth anniversary of the President (April 15).

Zhang Jin-quan is the son of Zhang Wei-hua, a Chinese who defended the headquarters of the Korean revolution at the cost of his life in the period of the anti-Japanese revolutionary armed struggle.
President Kim Il Sung in his lifetime had always remembered Zhang Wei-hua and showed paternal love for his descendants.
It was one day in April Juche 76 (1987) that the President called at a theatre to enjoy an art performance. On his way to the platform, he hugged a little girl and held her up. She was a five year-old great-granddaughter of Zhang Wei-hua.
Seeing the child cuddling up to the President with a smile, the theatre was deeply moved for his true friendship.
Leader Kim Jong Il in his lifetime granted the wishes of Zhang Wei-hua’s grandson and granddaughter by his daughter to let them study in the DPRK and provided them with everything needed to study.
Today, the loving care shown by Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il for Zhang Wei-hua’s family has been invariably carried forward by respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
Kim Jong Un sent a delegation with gifts to congratulate Zhang Jin-quan and his wife upon his 80th birthday and later, took a measure to allow them medical treatment at a hospital in Pyongyang.
Therefore, Zhang Jin-quan was deeply moved to say that the history of noble revolutionary moral obligation possessed by the peerlessly great men of Mt Paektu will be continued for ever under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.

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