DPRK, Nuclear Power in East

Pyongyang, April 25 (KCNA) — It has been 85 years since President Kim Il Sung founded the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army (KPRA), the first revolutionary armed forces of Juche type, on April 25, Juche 21 (1932). With the foundation of the KPRA, Korea, which was subjected to a miserable fate as a weak colony due to its feeble military power, came to have its genuine army.

Under the guidance of Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il, the Korean people defeated the U.S. and Japanese imperialists in the 20th century and the DPRK developed into a military giant with powerful self-reliant capabilities.
In this world where the global peace and security are jeopardized due to the moves of the U.S. and its followers, the DPRK displays its might as a nuclear power in the East under the Songun (military-first) leadership of respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
The DPRK took a strategically important position with its successes in the test of first H-bomb, nuclear warhead explosion test, test-launch of surface-to-surface medium long-range ballistic missile Pukguksong-2 and other test-fires of various offensive means.
The revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK, including the Korean People’s Army (KPA) Strategic Force, have developed into an invincible army equipped with miniaturized and precision nuclear striking means and sophisticated strike means.
And the combat efficiency of the KPA has been remarkably enhanced through such military drills as the artillery firing contest of KPA large combined units, landing and anti-landing exercises of the KPA, a ballistic rocket launching drill of Hwasong artillery units of the KPA Strategic Force, the combat flight contest among commanding officers of the KPA Air and Anti-Air Force-2016 and the KPA Tank Crews’ Competition-2017.
Thanks to having the invincible military power, the DPRK is successfully pushing forward the cause of building a socialist power, frustrating the hostile forces’ mad-cap nuclear war provocations.

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