Proposal for Settling Issue of Korean Peninsula by Force of Arms Will Invite Terrible Catastrophe: Russian Foreign Ministry

Moscow, April 26 (KCNA) — Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, addressing the Moscow International Security Meeting on April 26, warned the U.S. that the proposal for settling the issue of the Korean peninsula by force of arms will invite a terrible catastrophe.

He said that the situation on the peninsula is deteriorating and serious unrest is being produced due to the pro-active military moves of the U.S. and the vassal forces under the pretext of “threat from north Korea”.
The plan for the deployment of THAAD in south Korea which has been pressing ahead by the U.S. is a factor of extreme unrest of the Korean peninsula, he said, adding that it is crystal clear to all that the above-said proposal which the U.S. began mentioning openly will invite a terrible catastrophe to the whole of Northeast Asia.
On the same day Vice Foreign Minister Gatilov at a press conference held in Geneva declared that Russia would clarify its will not to allow the military drills of the U.S. when the issue of Korea will be discussed at the UN Security Council on Friday.
He asserted that the whole political and military situation in the region was being aggravated owing to the military drills held by the U.S. and its vassal forces and it was sparking off distrust of the DPRK.
Sanctions cannot settle the issue of the Korean peninsula and many sanctions were proved to be ineffective and Russia supports the political and diplomatic settlement of the issue of the Korean peninsula, he added.
Earlier, Vice Foreign Minister of Russia Lyavkov at a press conference answered a question with regard to the fact that the U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier and its strike group are heading toward the Korean peninsula. As well as other countries in the region, Russia calls upon the U.S. to logically behave once again, he stated.

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