Rodong Sinmun Slams S. Korean Conservative Group’s “Security” Racket

Pyongyang, May 6 (KCNA) — The group of conservatives of south Korea is steadily raising the “security” issue ahead of the “presidential election”.

In this regard, Rodong Sinmun Saturday says in an article:
Such dishonest racket is aimed to implant enmity towards the DPRK into all fabrics of society, justify the policy of confrontation with compatriots, paint themselves as the forces for “defending the security” and thus realize their ambition for staying back in power.
The puppet conservative group in the grip of crisis makes desperate efforts to gratify its greed for power while resorting to the fabrication and deceptive acts under the pretext of “security”. It is an unpardonable challenge to the trend of the times and the unanimous demand of the nation for the country’s reunification.
No matter what rhetoric about “security unrest” the group of traitors may let out as part of its anti-DPRK smear campaign, it cannot mislead the public opinion and cover up its treacherous and anti-reunification nature.
The long history of national division tells the lesson that if the puppet conservative group, obsessed with sycophancy toward the U.S. and confrontation with compatriots in the north, comes to stay in power, this will entail the collapse of the north-south relations and the severe disaster of a war.
The way for ensuring the security of south Korea is to achieve peace and reunification by concerted efforts of the Korean nation, not to go for confrontation, backed by outside forces.
It is evidently proven by the June 15 era of reunification which delighted all Koreans.

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