U.S. Military Threats and Pressure on DPRK Condemned

Pyongyang, May 6 (KCNA) — The Trump administration of the U.S. is following the hostile policy toward the DPRK, which was thrown to the rubbish heap of history, Rodong Sinmun Saturday says in a commentary.

The commentary goes on:
It was reported that Trump and his henchmen mapped out the DPRK policy, announcing that the era of the “strategic patience” of the Obama administration was over. However, there is nothing new in the contents of the new policy toward the DPRK.
If there are some differences, they are the brand of the hostile policy and its durability and recklessness.
Obama’s DPRK policy branded as “strategic patience” was that the U.S. would patiently wait till the DPRK surrenders to it, while persistently imposing military threats and sanctions and pressure.
Trump’s DPRK policy billed “maximum pressure and engagement” calls for maximizing military threat and blackmail and sanctions and pressure and bringing down the system in the DPRK in a short time at any cost by use of force of arms.
The Trump administration fully reflected in its DPRK policy the dull-witted and wild character and unreality in disregard of the strategic position of the DPRK.
If it has not yet recognized that it is going to the ruin, we will explicitly help it.
April had gone and now is May. So, the big show of the U.S. spreading the story of a war in April ended with failure. The Trump administration revealed itself before the world how unsubstantial and nonsensical its DPRK policy was.
If the Trump administration noisily vociferates about the story of a war in May to avoid disgrace, nobody would believe it.
The DPRK’s development of nuclear deterrent for self-defence will make faster progress now that the Trump administration recklessly makes military hysterics, resorting to the tougher sanctions and pressure upon it.

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