Rodong Sinmun Accuses S. Korean Puppet Regime of Trying to Stifle DPRK in League with Outsiders

Pyongyang, May 7 (KCNA) — There recently took place the 11th KIDD meeting in the U.S. There, south Korean puppet forces were closeted with their U.S. master to call for “deterring the north from using nukes and missiles and increasing the capability for countering them” and put in force “every possible step to pressurize” the DPRK, including the regular deployment of U.S. strategic weapons on the Korean peninsula.

The south Korean puppet regime earnestly asked the U.S. to take “punitive measures against the north” at the foreign ministerial meeting of the member states of the UN Security Council, the talks between the south Korean foreign minister and the U.S. secretary of State and a phone conversation between the chief of the security office of Chongwadae and the national security advisor of the White House.
Rodong Sinmun in a commentary on Sunday terms this a last-ditch effort of the traitors, taken aback by the might of the DPRK which has emerged as a nuclear power in the East and a rocket power in Asia.
The commentary goes on:
The south Korean puppet regime is bound to be thrown into the garbage ground of history as it is keen on sycophancy toward big powers and confrontation with fellow countrymen, misrule and graft against the public demand and trend of the times.
It is too late for the puppet regime to change their miserable fate already sealed, no matter how desperately it works to stifle the DPRK in collusion with outsiders, trumpeting about “steps of pressure” and “punitive measures.”
As proven by history and reality, any sanctions and pressure can never work on the DPRK. On the contrary, stricter sanctions and pressure will make the DPRK steadily take a series of toughest countermeasures.
No force on earth can ever check the dynamic advance of the DPRK dashing like the wind toward the final victory, holding aloft the banner of self-reliance and self-development under the guidance of the great Workers’ Party of Korea.
The puppet group of traitors should know this before death.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/julianacunha/8388152059/

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