S. Korean Conservative Group’s Solicitation Diplomacy Flailed

Pyongyang, May 9 (KCNA) — Traitor Yun Pyong Se, puppet foreign minister of south Korea, at the recent ministerial meeting of the UN Security Council in New York supported his masters’ talk about “nuclear threat from the north” and called for “forcing the north to scrap its nuclear and missile program in a complete, verifiable and irrevocable way”. He even spoke of taking “intolerably stronger punitive measure”.

At a foreign ministerial meeting with his U.S. and Japan masters that followed, he solicited for cooperation for putting pressure on the DPRK, saying “it is important to maintain the basic principle of sanctions and pressure on the north”.
Commenting on the fact, Rodong Sinmun Tuesday says this reveals the invariable intention of the south Korean group of conservatives to realize their ambition for “unification of social systems” while maintaining their dirty remaining days with the backing of outsiders.
Yun is a peerless traitor as he caused unprecedented “diplomatic disaster” while doing only thrice-cursed acts, typically the deployment of THAAD in south Korea and the shackling agreement on the issue of the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army, the daily notes, and goes on:
He, however, is soliciting the outsiders to help put pressure on the DPRK, while going with bloodshot eyes to escalate confrontation with the fellow countrymen. This mendicant diplomacy is a shame on the nation.
The traitor has to clearly understand that stern punishment awaits him who risked the nation’s interests for the sake of the U.S. and Japanese masters while serving Park Geun Hye as her yes-man.
Minju Joson stresses that the south Korean group of traitors seeking to escalate confrontation between the north and the south and provoke a war of aggression on the north with the backing of outsiders can never evade stern punishment by the entire nation.

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