Day of Sun Marked in Different Countries

Pyongyang, May 10 (KCNA) — Events took place in many countries to celebrate the Day of the Sun, the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.

They included meetings, seminars, joint gatherings, lecture meetings, round-table talks and book and photo exhibitions in Iran, Kuwait, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Ecuador, Peru, Uganda, Libya and Congo.
Displayed at their venues were photos dealing with the exploits of President Kim Il Sung, leader Kim Jong Il and respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
There were also works of the peerlessly great men of Mt Paektu and books and photos introducing the reality of the DPRK.
The international secretary of the Communist Party of Norway said that President Kim Il Sung would be always alive in the hearts of the Koreans and the world people as he is the father of socialist Korea and made tremendous contributions to the accomplishment of the human cause of independence.
The chairman of the Denmark-DPRK Friendship Association and the general secretary of the Iceland-DPRK Friendship and Cultural Society stressed that the President’s feats for the times and history would remain long with the era of independence.
The chairman of the Ecuadorian Cultural Institute for the Study of the Juche Idea said that a radical turn was made in hewing out the destiny of mankind, socialism centered on the popular masses was built and the progressive mankind could dynamically advance along the road of independence as there is the April holiday when the sun of Juche rose.
The chairman of the Ecuador-Guaranda Institute for Friendship and Cultural Solidarity with the Korean People said that all the achievements of the Korean people would have been unthinkable without the wise leadership of the President and the 20th century was a century of the President both in name and reality.
The chairman of the Congo-Korea Friendship Committee of the Congolese Association for Friendship among Peoples praised the career of the President dedicated to the prosperity of the country and happiness of the people.

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