KCNA Commentary Hits at Traitor Hwang’s Behavior

Pyongyang, May 11 (KCNA) — Traitor Hwang Kyo An of south Korea recently buried into oblivion the data containing “7-hour job” performance by Park Geun Hye on the day of ferry Sewol sinking and tens of thousands of other Chongwadae documents after designating them as confidential “records of president”.

It is said that the data designated as confidential “presidential records” can not be opened to public for 15-30 years. They can be accessed within extremely restricted range only when the two thirds of the “National Assemblymen” approve it or when the chief of the Higher Court of the region archiving the records issues a written order.
With his retirement from office at hand, Hwang disposed of Chongwadae documents as confidential “records of president” in a hasty manner, an indication of his sordid intention to cover up the crimes of traitor Park and perform the “feat” of defending the “value of conservatism” that had already lost its worth and thus become the boss of the group of conservatives.
Traitor Hwang arbitrarily acted ultra vires without going through any procedures of discussion, even though there is no regulatory item stipulating that “acting president” can designate Chongwadae documents, in which he or she was not directly involved, as “presidential records”.
By abusing his post as the “acting president”, the traitor, not content with hindering the investigation into the crimes committed by Park in every way by declining the requests raised by the special investigation team for the search of Chongwadae, made the inside story of the crimes committed by Park and her group hard to be revealed not only at the on-going trial but also by the next-term “government”.
In this regard, the political circle, media, civic and public organizations and all other south Koreans of various social standings have brought a suit demanding the nullification of the designation, contending that “Hwang stood against a probe into Park’s crimes to the last”, “Key evidence concerning 7-hour job performance on the day of Sewol disaster and the abuse of power by a civilian woman came to be buried into oblivion” and “Hwang has to be detained immediately”.
Hwang, much upset by such strong criticism, is resorting to a sleight of hand to excuse his crime, saying that “designation of the presidential records is usually done before the expiry of each regime” and “it is illegal to violate this principle.”
The recent farce concerning the “presidential records” is an intolerable insult and an outright challenge to the candlelight demonstrators and the bereaved families of Sewol disaster who punished the worst witch Park.
By covering up Park’s crimes, Hwang proved that he is also an accomplice of the Park Geun Hye-Choe Sun Sil scandal and an A-class criminal who should be thrown into prison at once.
To leave Hwang intact means pardoning Park.
Hwang’s despicable deeds go to clearly prove how sordid and impudent the group of conservatives, including the remnants of Park, is.
Poisonous herb will bring future troubles if its roots are not pulled out.
South Koreans from all walks of life should wage more unflinching struggle against conservatism.

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