Birth Anniversary of Kim Il Sung Observed by Foreign Newspapers

Pyongyang, May 12 (KCNA) — Newspapers of different countries gave special write-ups and articles to the 105th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.

Indonesian newspapers dedicated one whole page to an article titled “Congratulations to President Kim Il Sung on his 105th birth anniversary” illustrated with a portrait of smiling Kim Il Sung and a photo of respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
International Media praised the ideo-theoretical feats, history of revolutionary leadership and noble traits of the President.
International Daily introduced Kimilsungia, known as the most admirable flower in the world, and the reality of the DPRK which has turned into a politico-military power and a nuclear power.
India’s newspaper Rising Europe carried articles tilted “Star of Generalissimo shining along with history of victories” and “Great life of the people’s leader” under the headline “On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Kim Il Sung, president of the DPRK” illustrated with photos of the President and leader Kim Jong Il.
Indian and World Event said in an article titled “Broad smile” that the broad smile of the President is filled with his confidence and optimism about the future of socialist Korea.
Bangladeshi papers The Daily Folk and Daily Industry carried articles praising the President’s leadership and warm humanity, with what personages of various countries have said about him.
Pakistani newspapers Kuweta Daily Independent and Election Times elaborated on the fact that the President has received honorary titles, orders, medals and gifts from many countries.

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