Press Statement of DPRK Permanent Mission to UN

Pyongyang, May 12 (KCNA) — The Permanent Mission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to the United Nations on Thursday issued a press statement over the recent detection of the hideous terrorists’ group which the Central Intelligence Agency of the U.S. and the Intelligence Service of south Korea infiltrated into the DPRK to commit state-sponsored terrorism against its supreme leadership.

The statement said:
It is widely known that the U.S. has staged the largest-ever nuclear war exercises against the DPRK for last 2 months with massive deployment of all kinds of nuclear assets including nuclear carriers into the Korean peninsula, along with special forces for “beheading operation” aimed at “elimination of the supreme leadership”
The fact that the U.S. fearlessly contrived terror stratagem to eliminate our supreme leadership together with the south Korean authorities, going as far as to take extreme military adventure, is the clear-cut evidence that the U.S. is the ringleader of the international terrorism and the mastermind of seriously undermining international peace and security.
The DPRK Ministry of State Security solemnly declared that it would crush out to the last one the organizer, conspirator and followers of the hideous state-sponsored terrorism by ransacking every corner and every part of the earth, in reflection of the will of the army and people of the DPRK.
The heinous crime, which was uncovered and smashed in the DPRK, is a kind of terrorism against not only the DPRK but also the justice and conscience of humankind and an act of mangling the future of humankind and, therefore, all the countries should wage a joint struggle to put an end to all sorts of inhumane plots, arbitrariness and evildoings that ruthlessly trample down the desire for peace and security.
The UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy stipulates in its preambular paragraph that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, committed by whomever, wherever and for whatever purposes, constitutes one of the most serious threats to international peace and security.
Furthermore it is noted in the Counter-Terrorism Strategy that the acts, methods and practices of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations are activities aimed at the destruction of human rights, fundamental freedoms and democracy, threatening territorial integrity and security of states and that the international community should take the necessary steps to enhance cooperation to prevent and combat terrorism.
Paragraph 1, Article 1 of the UN Charter makes it clear that in order to maintain international peace and security, effective collective measures should be taken for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace.
The United Nations and the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee and the UN member states will have to respond actively with support to the Korean style anti-terrorist attack including targeted at the punishment of criminals.
To help the UN member states understand, attached herewith is the statement of a spokesperson for the DPRK Ministry of State Security dated May 5, 2017.
The DPRK permanent mission to the UN called for distributing its press statement along with the statement of the Ministry of State Security spokesman as an official document of the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council and sent it to the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee, too.

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