Self-Development-First Spirit, Banner of Eternal Victory and Prosperity of Songun Korea: Rodong Sinmun

Pyongyang, May 12 (KCNA) — Progress of the Korean revolution and strong spirit and invincible might of the great Paektusan nation are unthinkable without self-development capability, Rodong Sinmun Friday says in an article.

It goes on:
With the self-development-first principle, the DPRK is ushering in a golden age of building a socialist power, bringing significant events one after another, despite manifold trials.
The self-development-first spirit serves as a powerful weapon helping all the Korean people glorify the dignity as an independent people believing in their own strength and a people with strong mental power. It is also an all-mighty treasured sword that makes them resolutely smash the persistent sanctions and blockade of all the hostile forces.
This spirit is the motive force for making uninterrupted innovations and progress on all the fronts of building a powerful socialist nation and the banner of Songun Korea’s eternal victory and prosperity.
Now the people of the DPRK push ahead an all-out general offensive, leading the heyday of the revolution to the great golden age while consolidating last year’s shining achievements. This is a brilliant fruition borne by the self-development-first spirit.
The DPRK is confidently attaining the target of the five-year strategy for national economic development despite the persistent obstructive moves of the enemies, as its army and people are firmly imbued with the self-development-first spirit and it has tremendous potentials of the Juche industry and self-supporting economy consolidated for several decades.

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