Hwang Kyo An’s Moves to Cover up Hideous Crimes of Park Geun Hye Flailed

Pyongyang, May 13 (KCNA) — Some days ago, traitor Hwang Kyo An of south Korea set tens of thousands of documents of Chongwadae including those related to traitor Park Geun Hye’s whereabouts for seven hours at the time of ferry Sewol disaster as classified “presidential records” under protection for decades.

This is aimed to cover up the truth behind the high-profile crimes committed by Park, say leading newspapers of the DPRK in commentaries Saturday.
Rodong Sinmun brands such reckless action taken by Hwang as a deliberate move to help the conservative forces escape from total destruction and as an unpardonable insult and challenge to the south Korean public, including the bereaved families of the victims of the ferry disaster who sternly punished the thrice-cursed traitor.
It says:
Such behavior made it clearer that Hwang is the target of elimination just like Park.
Park’s crimes just mean Hwang’s crimes, and if Hwang is allowed to go scot-free, it is just like allowing Park to go with impunity.
Lurking behind the ill-minded move of Hwang is also his sinister intention to prolong his remaining days and appear as the boss of the conservative group by having his “feat” of protecting “value of conservatism” acknowledged.
It is quite clear that the spirit of the public candlelight actions, which swept south Korea to get rid of social evils and bring about new politics and life, can never come true unless the thrice-cursed villains like Hwang, the corrupt conservative forces, are completely thrown overboard.
Minju Joson says that no matter how hard traitor Hwang works tries, he can neither cover up the heinous crimes he committed in league with traitor Park nor avoid public criticism of his group.

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