Formation of “Fellowship Society of GIs in S. Korea” Flailed

Pyongyang, May 16 (KCNA) — Some days ago, the puppet group of south Korea formed what is called “fellowship society of GIs in south Korea”, together with its American master.

What can never be overlooked is that the group plans to finance the U.S. imperialist aggression troops and their children on the plea of supporting the “society”.
Commenting on the fact, Rodong Sinmun Tuesday says it shows only the poor position of the pro-American stooges who try to maintain their remaining days, selling off the south Korean people’s dignity and interests.
The daily goes on to say:
The U.S. now seeks to constantly put south Korea in chains of yoke and feather its own nest under such specious name of “fellowship society”.
Nevertheless, the puppet group, failing to see its sinister intention, plays horse to please its American master with money gained at the cost of people’s sweat and blood, calling the U.S. aggression troops “fellows”, and then realize its scheme to stifle the fellow countrymen in the north.
It is ridiculous for the colonial servants, who have to read the face of the American master which took their sovereignty as a whole, to talk about “fellowship” and “alliance” with the U.S.
Such group of pro-American traitors should never be pardoned as they seek to keep their existence with the help of the U.S., the shameless aggressor and burglar, and do harm to the fellow countrymen.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fljckr/1028026220/

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