Minju Joson Flails Japan’s Intention to Revise Constitution

Pyongyang, May 16 (KCNA) — Japanese Prime Minister Abe has revealed his strong will to retrogressively revise the present constitution, recently indicating the days of enforcing the new constitution. The new step met unanimously rebuff of opposition parties and even the coalition ruling parties, the Liberal Democratic Party and the New Komeito Party, are expressing concern about it. A massive rally protesting the retrogressive revision of the constitution took place in Tokyo.

Commenting on the fact, Minju Joson Tuesday says the escalating socio-political conflict in Japan over the constitutional revision is attributable to the fact that it is a serious political issue on which hinges the destiny of Japan.
After the Second World War, Japan adopted the present constitution the keynote of which is the article stipulating Japan’s eternal renunciation of war, out of consideration that war would only lead the country and its people to ruin with no benefit, the commentary notes, and goes on:
It is the unanimous view of the Japanese people that the country has to remain as a pacifist state forever, not getting inveigled in the turmoil of war and that this is the only way for guaranteeing the destiny and future of Japan.
But the reactionaries of Japan are trying to reverse the people’s security awareness.
It is their black-hearted intention to make Japan a “normal” country capable of fighting a war from an “abnormal” country unable to do it and thus launch militarist overseas aggression as in the past. It is for this reason that the Japanese reactionaries have long made efforts to pave a way to a war state, and the pacifist constitution today is just like showy trinkets.
The Japanese reactionaries are set to remove the “pacifist constitution” which remains only in name, considering it as a thing lying in the way of realizing its ambition for militarist overseas expansion.

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