Those Faulting DPRK’s Measure for Self-Defence Will Not Be Pardoned: KAPPC

Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) — A spokesman for the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee (KAPPC) in a statement Thursday said the big success in the test-fire of ground-to-ground medium to long-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 was a great national event that declared the birth of another perfect weaponry system, “Juche weapon” that would bring about the final victory after putting an end to the stand-off with the U.S. imperialists that has lasted for decades.

But the hostile forces including the U.S. are misleading the nature for preserving peace and the historic meaning of the test-fire and kicking up a roar, saying the test constitutes a “serious challenge to world peace and stability” and a “violation”, the statement said, and went on:
What is all the astonishing is that the new south Korean authorities convened an emergency “state security council” with the involvement of even the remnants of Park Geun Hye group soon after the report about the rocket test-fire by the DPRK, where they published a “statement” denouncing the test-fire, while calling it “violation of the UN resolution”, “serious challenge” and “test on the new government”.
The DPRK’s measures for bolstering its capabilities for self-defence is a crucial issue on which hinges the dignity and sovereignty of the country and the destiny of the nation. It is not an issue which can be stopped or slowed down with the replacement of administration in the U.S. and the emergence of “the new regime” in south Korea.
Explicitly speaking, as long as the U.S. increases its hostile policy toward the DPRK and the threat of a nuclear war, the DPRK’s capabilities for making nuclear retaliatory blow for self-defence for reliably defending the peace on the Korean peninsula and the region will increase at higher pace.
The U.S. is threatening and blackmailing the DPRK, while talking about “pressure” but the American style bluffing by which it reduces only non-nuclear states and weak nations into the plaything of its military action can never work on the DPRK.
The south Korean authorities have to draw a serious lesson from the wretched fate of traitor Park Geun Hye who met a miserable end while vociferating about “nuclear threat from the north” and going keen on hurting the fellow countrymen with the help of outsiders that only think of inflicting nuclear disaster on the nation.
Those who challenge the dignity and social system of the DPRK while faulting the DPRK’s legitimate measure for bolstering the nuclear force for self-defence should not expect any mercy.

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