Kim Il Sung’s Feats Praised Abroad

Pyongyang, May 20 (KCNA) — Newspapers and broadcasting services of different countries carried special write-ups on the occasion of the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.

The Peruvian paper Accion Nacionalista carried an article “Kim Il Sung, great man of century” illustrated with his smiling portrait.
Human history does not know such great man as Kim Il Sung who has been revered by the progressive people century after century, the article said, praising him as the pioneer and leader of the era of independence, the prominent veteran statesman of the world and the peerless saint.
Another Peruvian paper Unidad carried a photo-accompanied article “Kim Il Sung, eternal sun”. Under the sub-titles “Prominent elder statesman in the 20th century,” “Great teacher” and “Incarnation of virtues” the paper told about the President’s noble sense of international obligation and deep reverence of state leaders of different countries for him.
The Bulgarian paper Iskra said in an article “Urgency of Korea’s reunification”:
Comrade Kim Il Sung had advanced the clearest ways and lines for the reunification of Korea since its division by the U.S.
He provided the basic foundations for Korea’s reunification by setting forth the Three Principles of National Reunification, the proposal for founding Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo and the 10-Point Programme of the Great Unity of the Whole Nation.
The reunification, desired by the entire Korean nation in the north and south and abroad, should be realized without fail for peace and security of the world.
The Belarusian paper Samostoyatelnosti, the Pakistani paper Daily Nai Bat, Peru’s Radio Cielo, DR Congo TV and the Equatorial Guinean TV praised the exploits of Kim Il Sung.

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