National Meeting Marks 70th Anniversary of Kim Il Sung’s Work

Pyongyang, May 20 (KCNA) — A national meeting took place at the Central Youth Hall on Saturday to mark the 70th publication anniversary of President Kim Il Sung’s work “On Improving the Public Health Service”.

The President made public the work at the 37th Session of the People’s Committee of North Korea on May 21, Juche 36 (1947).
In the work he set forth tasks and ways for improving the public health service, including the matters related to anti-epidemic service and hygiene, improvement of medical treatment and the training of health workers.
Kang Ha Guk, minister of Public Health, said in his report at the meeting that the work is an encyclopedic programme as it gave the most clear-cut answers to the theoretical and practical questions arising in developing the public health service centered on the popular masses for the first time in history and an immortal library which comprehended the Party’s idea and theory on the public health.
The reporter noted that the socialist public health has been originated to the work for protecting the people’s lives and health and steadily developed onto a new higher level.
Leader Kim Jong Il indicated the orientation and ways for further strengthening the public health service in his works such as “On the Further Improvement of the Health Service”, the reporter said.
Today the socialist public health has greeted a golden age of its development under the distinguished guidance of respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, he said, adding:
The past 70 years since the publication of the President’s work are the glorious days when the tradition of public health has been firmly established and an eternal foundation consolidated for the socialist public health service for the people.

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