Japan Finance Minister Slashed for Faulting DPRK’s Nuclear Deterrence

Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) — Japan Finance Minister Aso recently had talks with the U.S. Treasury secretary to discuss on the issue of tightening sanctions against the DPRK over its nuclear deterrence. At the talks he said that the “country without common sense” has in its possession a dangerous weapon.

A commentary of Rodong Sinmun Sunday terms Aso’s description of the DPRK’s nuclear deterrence as a dangerous weapon a revelation of his low judging ability and ignorance of matters and phenomena.
It goes on:
What is most dangerous on the earth is the U.S. nuclear weapons which are used to put threat and blackmail on other countries.
The nuclear weapon of the DPRK is a powerful deterrence for self-defence to prevent a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula, and it is a treasured sword for safeguarding the security and peace in the region.
It is an established fact that a thermonuclear war on the Korean peninsula which may break out due to the U.S. ruckus for nuclear war would bring catastrophic disaster to the Japanese archipelago that has been reduced to the U.S. nuclear outpost and logistic base.
In such aspect, the DPRK’s nuclear weapons are defending the security of Japan, too. The Japanese reactionaries are obliged to thank the DPRK, not slandering it.
It is a height of folly which would make even a cat to laugh for Aso, a man ignorant of the elementary relationships between cause and effect, to talk about “common sense” and the like.
The Japanese reactionaries had better keep silent, mindful that their tongue-lashing would invite greater shame and disgrace.

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