S. Korean Regime Should Stop Toeing U.S. Line

Pyongyang, May 22 (KCNA) — From traitor Syngman-Rhee to traitor Park Geun Hye, all puppet rulers of south Korea invited ruin by themselves through their sycophancy toward outsiders and reckless escalation of confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north.

The May 16 military coup engineered by traitor Park Chung-Hee in 1961 was a product of his sinister design to quench the south Korean people’s ardent desire for independence and democracy of society and great national unity and peaceful reunification at the point of bayonet and perpetuate the military dictatorship and the national division.
In the early 1970s, the north-south dialogue for national reconciliation and independent reunification always proved futile, due to traitor Park who called for “confrontation accompanied by dialogue” though he agreed on the three principles of national reunification.
Chun Doo Hwan’s regime in the 1980s chilled the atmosphere of national reconciliation, created with the provision of relief aids by the people in the north to the flood-stricken south Koreans as a momentum, by cooking up conspiratorial cases like a spy ring incident at the U.S. beck and call.
Traitor Lee Myung Bak, asserting that it is impossible to hold hands with the north with nukes, termed the idea of By Our Nation Itself specified in the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration “narrow-minded nationalism” and “chauvinism”, and the precious June 15 era of reunification a “lost decade”, only to rupture the north-south ties.
Traitor Park Geun Hye, far from learning a lesson from the miserable death of her father, worked hard to revive his “yusin” dictatorship and pursued ill-natured “north policies” like “trust-building process” and “Dresden declaration,” dreaming a wild dream for “unification through absorption.” She always fawned upon outsiders and solicited their cooperation in stifling the compatriots in the north during her visits to foreign countries including the U.S.
Her regime danced to the tune of the U.S. trumpeting about “human rights” by instituting a “law on human rights in the north” and setting up the UN “office on human rights in north” in south Korea. When the U.S. cried out for “dismantling the nukes in the north”, the regime shut down the Kaesong Industrial Park, the last hope of the north-south ties, under the pretext of “leading the north to abandon its nukes” and slapping “toughest sanctions” against it. Her regime even allowed the U.S. to deploy its THAAD in south Korea.
It was inevitable that the successive rulers of south Korea including traitor Park Geun Hye met miserable ends for the crimes they committed against the nation and reunification by pursuing heinous policy of confrontation with the compatriots in the north, only to bring the north-south ties to total collapse.
The basic principle for settling the issue of the nation is to hold high the banner of national independence in dealing with the matters related to the improvement of north-south relations and the national reunification, though the situation is complicated and acute.
The south Korean regime should make a bold decision to drop the habit of sycophancy towards the U.S. and the humiliating policy of kowtowing to it.

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