S. Korean Regime Should No Longer Pursue Sycophancy towards Outsiders

Pyongyang, May 23 (KCNA) — It has been 56 years since traitor Park Chung Hee, the worst-ever fascist tyrant, took power in south Korea through the May 16 military coup at the instigation of the U.S.

The “yusin” dictator’s power over a decade constituted a crime-woven history characterized by his acts of treachery and sycophancy toward big powers against national reunification.
For the ten months since his seizure of power, traitor Park instituted evil laws of 2 000 odd kinds including the “anti-communist law” and newly set up or expanded repressive machineries and thus perfected conditions for brutally suppressing the struggle of south Koreans for democracy and reunification.
The traitor reluctantly inked the July 4 North-South Joint Statement, the keynote of which is the three principles of national reunification, after caving into the pressure from the public at home and abroad. But he soon declared it as his policy to realize “two Koreas”, talking rubbish that his regime could never pin hope on that statement.
He earnestly asked the U.S. to perpetuate its military presence in south Korea, citing “north’s threat to invade the south.” His regime persisted in escalating confrontation with the DPRK and hyped “anti-communist” racket while buckling down to preparing a war against it.
No sooner had traitor Park Geun Hye, who inherited her dictatorial father’s disposition, seized power than she persisted in opposing the historic June 15 joint declaration and October 4 declaration and pursued “unification of social systems”, escalating confrontation with the compatriots in the north at the beck and call of her American master only to push the north-south ties to the worst-ever catastrophe.
Successive rulers of south Korea hell-bent on pursuing sycophancy to outsiders against reunification all regarded the U.S. as their savior but the compatriots in the north as enemy, and ran wild to stifle them.
The U.S. is the sworn enemy of all Koreans and the enemy common to mankind as it works hard to dominate the world by enslaving the Korean nation and making the Korean peninsula its base for aggression.
But the successive rulers of south Korea followed it as their master, pursuing confrontation with the compatriots in the north. They are, indeed, the most foolish and pitiful ones who ruined their destiny by themselves.
History proved that those keen on sycophancy to outsiders and confrontation with the fellow countrymen can never escape miserable end.
Traitor Park Chung Hee had met miserable death while committing crimes against the nation aspiring after reunification and traitor Park Geun Hye was thrown into the cesspit of history after being cursed and censured by the public.
Recently, the south Korean regime orchestrated the farce of “phone diplomacy” and “envoy diplomacy” with the U.S. and neighboring countries, asserting “south Korea-U.S. alliance is the backbone of diplomatic and security policies.” It even noisily talks about “cooperation in solving the nuclear issue of the north” and “request for constructive role in six-party talks.” This is little different from the hostile acts of the former conservative regime.
If the present south Korean regime truly hopes for mending the north-south relations and achieving national reunification, it should bear in mind that sycophancy to outsiders and confrontation with the compatriots in the north will lead it to ruin. Written by Han Chol Myong.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/momocita/6968919565/

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