Swiss Bodies Brand Kwangju Bloodbath as Terrible Unethical Crime

Pyongyang, May 28 (KCNA) — The Switzerland-Korea Committee and the Swiss Group for the Study of the Juche Idea issued a joint statement on May 18 on the occasion of the 37th anniversary of the Kwangju Popular Uprising.

The statement said that the Kwangju Popular Uprising was a heroic resistance of south Korean people to put an end to the U.S. imperialists’ colonial domination and the Chun Doo Hwan military fascist clique’s dictatorial rule and realize the social democracy and national reunification.
Citing detailed facts to disclose the bloodbath committed by the pro-U.S. puppet regime of south Korea under the patronage of the U.S. imperialists, it said:
The massacre in Kwangju was a terrible unethical crime.
Although the uprising ended in a failure, it delivered a staggering blow to the fascist dictators and the U.S. imperialists.
The U.S. imperialists, backstage manipulator of the bloodbath, get out of south Korea!

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rnw/3485321413/

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