Head of DPRK Delegation on International Cooperation in Reducing Disaster Danger

Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) — Chairman Kang Il Sop of the DPRK State Emergency Disaster Committee who is leading a delegation of the committee made a speech at the meeting of delegation heads of the world forum for reduction of disaster danger being held in Mexico on May 26.

He said that the work for disaster prevention in the DPRK has ceaselessly taken place as all-people work in every field of social life based on attaching importance to the people and as a result state disaster prevention and counter-action system have been established in order and permanently operated according to each field, region, period and type.
He expressed thanks to governments and peoples of each state, several international bodies and organizations for the material and moral assistance to the DPRK government in its efforts for recovering from the unprecedentedly flood-hit northern parts of North Hamgyong Province.
He went on:
The DPRK government has achieved not small advance in the course taking practical measures to further develop the disaster danger reduction work and performing them in concordance with the international agreement such as Sendai framework document in the past period of a little over two years.
Its government will as ever continue to make efforts to carry out goals and tasks represented in the above-said document ahead of schedule strictly based on attaching importance to the people and positively cooperate with governments and organizations of each state and international organizations.
It is important to ensure a favorable environment for the international cooperation and development in the disaster danger reduction work, but now in the international arena illegal and unethical actions are being committed without reserve depriving the right of sovereign states for the development and existence, for unjust political, economic and military aims.
He calls for never allowing any unilateral sanctions and isolation policy against specified countries to have negative influence on the international cooperation work for disaster danger reduction.

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