Abolition of Conservatism Is Urgent Task: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) — Factional strife and contradiction among political parties including conservative ones have escalated in south Korea recently.

Within the Liberal Korea Party, fierce exchange of rhetoric and invectives are observed among supporters of Hong Jun Phyo who ran for “presidency”, the party leadership, pro-Park Geun Hye group and anti-Park Geun Hye group over the issue of who is to blame for the defeat in the election and who would hold the helm of the party.
Inside the Parun Party, two factions are standing in sharp contradiction with its existence at stake as its members withdraw from the party en masse. As for the Saenuri Party, the party leadership has been indicted for prosecution as a result of internal conflict.
Moreover, they slander and deride with each other, blaming other parties for “dodging Choe Sun Sil bomb” and branding others “party returning to pro-Park Geun Hye group” and even insulting each other as “cockroach-like”, “wild rat-like” and “hyena seeking rot meat”.
This despicable conduct of those doomed as refuse of history indicates the sordid nature of the puppet conservative forces.
It is the nature and inveterate habit of the puppet conservatives to betray fellows and disguise themselves in order to meet political ambition.
The south Korean political history records a number of tragic stories indicting the dirty philistines and conservative politicians for their immorality and depravity.
A typical example is the despicable conduct of the conservative group before and after the recent “presidential” election that was held before the expiry of the previous one due to the impeachment of the president following the unprecedented hideous political scandal.
Those who all served worst lady Park Geun Hye are now locked in fierce scramble for power, slandering others “traitorous political party” and “pseudo-conservatives”.
They tried hard to prolong the conservative regime but the 19th-term “presidential” election touched off stronger spirit against conservatives among the south Koreans.
However, far from drawing a lesson from the defeat, the conservatives are still fighting like dogs for partisan interests and power, clean indifferent to the people’s livelihood.
The conservative political parties are all poisonous mushroom that originated from the same fungi and they all carry the same wicked disposition that has been inherited from their predecessors.
The nature of conservatism will never change.
The dirty scramble for power of the conservative forces only touches off the south Koreans’ aversion and ill-feelings, making them keenly realize the urgency of abolishing conservatism.
The south Koreans realized through their life experience that the abolition of conservatism is a short-cut to bringing new politics, new life and new society.
It is shame and tragedy of south Korean society that the accomplices who deserve punishment together with Park are still allowed to go around in political field, being keen on reviving conservatism.
The abolition of conservatism is the way for removing the evils left by the corrupt politics and building democratic society free from conservatism.
This is a priority task for the sake of the nation and for the sound development and future of south Korean society.

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