Conservatives of South Korea Are Bound to Meet Severe Punishment: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) — The conservative group in south Korea has gone extremely desperate to prolong its remaining days.

Recently the Park Geun Hye’s cult, under the pretext of preserving “presidential records”, threw most of the documents of Chongwadae into the “State Archives” only to make their declassification become utterly impossible for decades. Not content with this, it scrapped the rest of the documents although they should remain untouched as “references for the next regime” according to a “law.”
What the conservative coteries left for the present regime was reportedly a ten-page report on management rules of Chongwadae only.
This was just prompted by their sinister design to sweep under the carpet the history of their hideous crimes and escape the relentless punishment by the public.
For the four years in power, the Park group committed unpardonable crimes only by suppressing the progressive forces, pursuing misrule, escalating confrontation with the compatriots in the north and kowtowing to outsiders.
No sooner had Park taken “presidential” office than she got hell-bent on eliminating the progressive forces by reviving former dictator and traitor Park Chung-Hee’s fascist rule and thus brought the second “yusin” dark age to south Korea.
Her misrule peppered with corruption, dissipation and wild greed deteriorated people’s livelihood and saddled south Korea with the burden of the biggest “state debt” amounting to 1.17 trillion U.S. dollars, made 4.5 million jobless, 10 million semi-unemployed, over 8.5 million homeless families and more than 5.7 million suffering extreme poverty.
Along with such pitiful records, south Korea has turned into the worst tundra of human rights.
The Park group of traitors also brought the north-south relations to total collapse by pursuing sycophancy to outsiders against reunification, leaving the interests of the south Korean people to tender mercy of outside forces. The group, indeed, deserves capital punishment for such thrice-cursed crimes against the nation.
The conservative group is sadly mistaken if it calculates that it can escape the punishment by scrapping the documents of Chongwadae.
As a south Korean media pointed out that he or she who committed a crime always seeks to disturb or evade the investigation and hide evidence, the Park’s cult worked hard to hold in check the investigation of a special inspection team and removed all documents of Chongwadae. Herein lies the strong evidence proving the crimes of the Park group.
History can neither be written off nor be scrapped.
The Park regime turned south Korea into a sea of tears and moans by causing such disasters as ferry Sewol sinking and MERS chaos and pursuing unpopular rule. There is no statue of limitations to such crimes.
All south Koreans, enraged by the evil deeds of the Park-led conservatives, have turned out in the campaign for throwing overboard traitor Park and her lackeys.
The candles once held by them will soon produce fierce flames for sternly punishing the Park group of traitors.

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