Minju Joson Reveals Aim of U.S. Deployment of Nuclear Carrier Task force

Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) — The U.S. nuclear carrier Ronald Reagan reportedly left Yokosuka base in Japan after overhaul.

Military sources say that the destination of the carrier is the waters off the Korean peninsula and that it will take part in the joint military drills with south Korea together with Carl Vinson nuclear carrier task force early in June.
Commenting on the fact, Minju Joson Tuesday says this clearly proves once again that it is none other than the U.S. which aggravates the situation on the peninsula.
The U.S. aim is to keep its nuclear strategic assets in and around the peninsula on a permanent basis, pose military threat and blackmail to the DPRK and in the end put its scheme for preemptive strike at the strategic objects of the DPRK into practice, the commentary says, and goes on:
The U.S. is threatening and blackmailing the DPRK through permanent deployment of nuclear strategic assets targeting the strategic facilities of the DPRK. Such moves are an extreme violation of the sovereignty and security of the DPRK and a serious military provocation.
The grim situation today where the tension has been aggravated due to the U.S. and where the security of the DPRK is seriously threatened clearly proves that the DPRK was quite just when it opted for building military capabilities for self-defence with the nuclear force as a pivot.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/htsh_kkch/1269021675/

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