U.S. Imperialists’ Reckless Military Provocation under Fire

Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) — The gangster-like U.S. imperialists are making all the more desperate in their moves to ignite a nuclear war despite the repeated warnings of the DPRK.

On May 29, the U.S. imperialists committed a grave military provocation by letting a formation of infamous B-1B nuclear strategic bombers fly over south Korea once again to stage a nuclear bomb dropping drill.
The formation of B-1B took off Guam at the dawn of the day and flied over the 80kms of the east of Kangrung on the East Sea of Korea near the Military Demarcation Line. It frantically staged a joint drill making a precision strike against the DPRK’s major objects together with pursuit and assault planes on nuclear aircraft carrier Carl Vinson which is conducting a joint naval drill with the puppet navy on the East Sea of Korea.
And air pirates of the U.S. imperialists waged a drill for getting familiar with order of joint action when flying over the Korean peninsula with fighters of the puppet air force.
Such military provocation of the U.S. imperialists is a dangerous reckless racket for bringing the situation on the Korean peninsula to the brink of a war.
What should not be overlooked is that they staged the nuclear bomb dropping drill with nuclear strategic bombers involved once again, timed to coincide with the war drill against the DPRK with the Carl Vinson and Ronald Reagan nuclear aircraft carrier strike groups deployed on the East Sea of Korea.
The U.S. imperialists’ ever-more reckless military provocation clearly proves that their talk about “dialogue” is nothing but hypocrisy to disarm the DPRK and their wild ambition to eliminate the DPRK with nukes remains unchanged even a bit.
Their nuclear war provocation redoubles the will of our army to revenge the warmongers hell-bent on a war against the DPRK.
The U.S. imperialist warmongers should not forget even a moment that their increasing danger of a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula would precipitate a disaster which the U.S. mainland turns into a scorched-earth.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/zaruka/6173032393/

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