Withdrawal of THAAD Deployment Is Strong Demand of People: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) — There goes on more active protest against the deployment of U.S. THAAD among south Koreans.

Representatives of civic and public organizations across south Korea at a recent meeting in Seoul pledged to stage stronger actions to check the THAAD deployment through nationwide struggle.
This is a reflection of the unanimous demand of the south Koreans never to tolerate the deployment of THAAD, which could leave south Korea as an advanced base and a military base serving the U.S. world domination strategy.
That’s why they are all rebuffing the thrice-cursed act of treachery which can turn the Korean peninsula into a theatre of a nuclear war of big powers, and invite unprecedented calamity.
The south Korean authorities, however, are uncertain about it.
Giving non-committal answers to the THAAD issue, under the U.S. and conservatives’ pressure, the south Korean authorities solicited for “understanding” when sending a special envoy group to the U.S.
The THAAD issue is one of the worst evil administration left by Park Geun Hye.
Before the present authorities took office, the civic and public organizations raised it as an important task for the next-term “government” to make clean with those wrongs done by the previous one including THAAD.
The permanent representative chairman of the south side committee for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration contended that the “government has to make its strong demand known so that it can maintain upright independent stand in diplomatic field” as regards the THAAD issue.
The present authorities which put forward the removal of evil doings done by the previous regime as a slogan during their “presidential campaign” are now showing an equivocal attitude, an evident act of sycophancy and submission and a betrayal of the candlelight demonstrators.
The withdrawal of THAAD is all the more urgent issue which brooks not a moment’s delay as its deployment would make south Korea the first target of strike by neighboring nuclear powers, and bring it huge economic losses due to diplomatic conflict with neighboring countries to cause south Koreans great damage.
After the DPRK’s successful test-launch of ground-to-ground medium-to-long range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12, even Guam on which THAAD is deployed, to say nothing of Alaska and Hawaii, is caught in horror and uneasiness. This is a stark reality today.
There is strong view among experts inside and outside that “THAAD would be useless as it would not be able to check the north’s missiles”.
A south Korean broadcasting aired that Hwasong-12 has surpassed the interception range by THAAD, questioning whether the controversial THAAD would be able to work against Hwasong.
The conservative forces which planned to introduce the scrap iron-like THAAD are top class traitors who left the nation’s interests and even the south Koreans’ life and security to the tender mercy of the U.S., and accomplices of the political scandal who have to be punished together with Park Geun Hye.
The candlelight demonstrators strongly call for the withdrawal of THAAD.
Whoever tolerates THAAD deployment, defying the public mindset, will never be able to evade desertion by the people and stern punishment by the nation as the conservative traitors met.

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