Japan’s Brazen-faced Attitude to Crimes Related to Sexual Slavery Slashed

Pyongyang, June 1 (KCNA) — The Council for the Solution of the Issue of the Volunteers Corps in south Korea issued a commentary on May 29 denouncing the Japanese government’s brazen-faced attitude toward the crimes related to the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army, according to a report.

The Japanese government distorted the truth about the sexual slavery at international arena including the UN and has trumpeted about “solution through agreement”, the commentary said.
It demanded that the present south Korean “government” clarify its will to seek prompt and proper solution and disclose the absurdity of “agreement” before the international community.
Solution based on common sense and international human rights principles including the Japanese government’s official apology and legal reparation for the crimes can be a final and irreversible solution, the commentary stressed.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fljckr/2604159209/

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