S. Korean Conservatives’ Anti-Reunification Moves Denounced

Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) — Now all Koreans at home and abroad hope that a radical turn will be brought out in the north-south relations and a new phase for independent reunification, peace and prosperity be opened. However, the south Korean conservative forces including the “Liberal Korea Party” are making desperate efforts to check improvement of the north-south relations.

It is a heinous treachery of chilling the entire nation’s great expectation and ardent desire for improved north-south relations and national reunification and persisting in the confrontation between the compatriots for an indefinite period, Rodong Sinmun Friday says in an article.
The article goes on:
The group of traitors lost their right to live on this land as they committed thrice-cursed crimes of breaking national reconciliation and unity and laying a great hurdle in the way of reunification for nearly 10 years. But they still run amuck to check the improvement of the north-south relations and escalate confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north. Such action can never be tolerated.
To improve the north-south relations at present is a matter vital to the destiny of the nation and prospect of reunification, and it is the mindset of south Korean people who won the candlelight actions and the aspiration of the nation, rather than the demand of the authorities or any political camp.
Without improving the north-south relations, it is impossible to ensure peace and security of the Korean peninsula, open the path to national reunification and prosperity and prevent calamities of a nuclear war.
To improve the relations is an irresistible trend of the times.
The south Korean conservatives should give up their foolish dream and stop the moves to check the improvement of the relations and carefully listen to the angry voice of the people demanding them disappear from the arena of history at once.
They will never dodge destruction under condemnation of the nation.

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