Loving Care for Younger Generation

Pyongyang, June 6 (KCNA) — Schoolchildren in the DPRK are significantly greeting the 71st anniversary of the Korean Children’s Union (June 6, 1946) and its 8th Congress.

On this occasion, all the people in the country are recalling with deep emotion the immortal feats performed by peerlessly great men in making the unique history of love for younger generation and future and opening up the bright vista to the homeland.
President Kim Il Sung dedicated 20 yuan, a token of his mother’s love for him, to making clothes for members of the Children’s Corps during the anti-Japanese armed struggle, raised the issue of pencil production as the first item on the agenda of the Provisional People’s Committee of North Korea after the country’s liberation from Japan’s colonial rule and took a measure to build a schoolchildren’s palace in the most excellent location of Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK.
Even in the last moments of his great life, the President had a photo session with the participants in the 5th Congress of the Korean Children’s Union (KCU).
Leader Kim Jong Il in his lifetime took a number of measures for schoolchildren like building a branch school for few children in a remote village, always saying that careless education of children would be resulted in slowing the advance of the homeland. Thanks to his loving care, soya milk continued to be supplied to children even in the period of the Arduous March.
Now, the loving care for children shown by Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il is being creditably carried forward by respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
Kim Jong Un took part in the celebrations of the 66th birth anniversary of the KCU and enjoyed an art performance with its participants. He also attended the 7th Congress of the KCU and had a photo taken with delegates to the congress.
He took measures to supply new school uniforms, schoolbags and Mindulle notebooks to all children and build excellent primary and middle schools for orphans across the country. When the northern part of Hamgyong Province in the country was heavily hit by flood last year, he saw to it that schoolchildren in the area enjoy camping during the campaign for its restoration.
Under his warm loving care, schoolchildren in the DPRK are being brought up to be pillars supporting Juche Korea.

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