Minju Joson Denounces U.S. for Intensifying Military Threat to DPRK

Pyongyang, June 6 (KCNA) — Now the U.S. is additionally dispatching Nimitz nuclear carrier task force together with Carl Vinson and Ronald Reagan to the waters off the Korean peninsula and thus seeking to deploy three nuclear carrier task forces in the waters.

Military experts estimated that all signs show the U.S. military attack on the DPRK is at hand. And they analyzed that the U.S. talk about the diplomatic settlement of the Korean issue is little short of the smoke-screen tactics for launching military strike at the DPRK, in fact.
Minju Joson in a commentary Tuesday says this goes to prove that the U.S. remains unchanged in its sinister design for stifling the DPRK by force and the U.S. decided to carry out a fresh military adventure in Korea.
The commentary goes on:
As known, the U.S. advanced the policy towards the DPRK so-called “4-point keynote” and is advertising that it wants the settlement of the nuclear issue through dialogue. This is aimed to stabbing a sword into the DPRK after relaxing it.
The U.S. has used this method before the military attack on other countries, and the DPRK has witnessed this more than once. The U.S. talk about “dialogue” and “peace” is no more than a prelude of aggression.
Now that it is as clear as noonday that the U.S. is mulling settling the nuclear issue with military method, the DPRK will not stop even a moment the struggle for producing more Juche weapons of Korean style to wipe out the U.S. on the earth and for arming itself with them.

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